Tiny-EV Micro-Cars and AI Autonomous Vehicles

I am doubtful that this is something we’ll see in the near future. 

The kind of guaranteed communication you would need is beyond today’s approaches. Presumably, if the tiny-EV’s on-board systems lost touch with the mothership system, even for a moment, it could spell disaster for the tiny-EV and its occupants and bystanders. For now, the crux of the AI self-driving car capabilities needs to be on-board of the self-driving car.

I realize you might ask what about edge computing, perhaps having computing capabilities at the side of the roadways and therefore more likely ensuring rapt communications. Yes, that’s another possibility. This use of the nearby computing would have various other risks and concerns. Not that it cannot be undertaken, but only that it is a long way off in the future too, perhaps as far away as the notion of the super-inexpensive and super-small sensors and other on-board hardware that might someday emerge.

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 Use A Federated Approach

Another perspective might be a federated approach.

Suppose we have each of the tiny-EV’s with a minimalist set of AI related hardware. Let’s also assume that there will be other nearby AI self-driving cars. This seems a reasonable assumption once AI self-driving cars become relatively prevalent. Of course, at the start of the emergence, it would not be the case and therefore this proposed federated approach would seem unlikely or premature.

 In any case, in the federated approach we divide up the chores of doing the self-driving among several self-driving cars. 

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